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Trusted care service completely tailored to your needs.

Are you looking for Live in Care at Home?  We are amongst the leading Self Employed Live in Care Agencies within the UK. We provide carefully vetted live in carers. If you're looking for a self-employed live in carer, then Select Carers will make a suitable introduction. Our 24 hour care service offers very good value for money and the very best of carers.

As one of the top UK live in care agencies, we ensure a thorough care assessment that ensures we can meet your needs. We only engage carers who are based here with excellent English-speaking skills.

Arranging Your Home Care

1. Call our consultants
Feel free to discuss your care needs with us. We can often estimate what the total charge is likely to be..
2. Book an assessment
We arrange appointments to assess individual care needs. If you want us to visit this can be arranged quickly.
3. Carer selection
We hand-pick a number of carers that are the best match in terms of experience, training and practical care skills.
4. Interview and choose your carer
You can interview the carers you wish by telephone or by Skype or WhatApp. Let us know who is suitable.
5. Constant Support
We offer ongoing support and will arrange a review of care at your request. When your carer is away on planned holiday, or other breaks, we will supply a suitable replacement carer.


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What live in care clients say about us

24/7 Live in Care at Home is exactly what its name implies. They are warm, caring and very professional. From first contacting them at a weekend, I was very impressed with how they quickly organised care for me. I met the manager who is a qualified nurse...

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What self-employed live in carers say about us

Although I worked as a psychologist in different institutions in Greece for many years, I have found the profession of carer very interesting and extremely valuable. Work with vulnerable people demands...

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We supply Live in Carers from £670.10 per week

As a self employed live in care introduction agency, Live in Care at Home are dedicated to helping people who require home care select a suitable and professional self-employed Living in Carer.  They will have the knowledge and experience required to match the social needs, personality, health conditions and background of the person requiring care.

Our service is a truly cost-effective alternative to residential care.  As an Introduction agency we guarantee to supply you with Carer Profiles that match your requirements.  Live in Care workers with the right skills, experience, and expertise are introduced to Care Seekers for consideration when they make their choice of Carer.

Our agency fees are considerable less than our competitors.  We charge only 15%, (including VAT), on what you agree to pay the self-employed carer each week.  Other care agencies will probably charge you 20% to 25%; and then add on VAT.

A professional Live in Care Agency introducing to you a wide range of reliable live-in carers from whom you select the best match

Our carers are highly trained and experienced in caring for a range conditions including:

Dementia Care

Alzheimer's Disease

Parkinson's Disease.


Multiple Sclerosis


Palliative/ End of Life Care

Motor Neurone Disease


Huntington’s disease

Depression or Anxiety

Live in Care Provider 3 - 24/7 Live in Care - Select Carers

Our Live in Care at Home service

Your live-in carer will take care of everyday tasks like preparing meals, running errands, completing household duties and administering medication. They make it possible for our clients to remain in a safe, clean and comfortable environment.

We will determine these tasks and routines together during the home care assessment. They will be based around your personal care requirements and what support you require.

Personalised Care and Support

  • Medication administration or assistance; or reminding when the care recipient can self-manage medication.
  • Personal care – assistance with washing, bathing, toileting and dressing.
  • Continence care – whether it’s with pads or a catheter or stoma.
  • Tissue viability – pressure sore prevention.
  • Manual transfers – mobility assistance to move safely around the home, with or without equipment.
  • Companionship – carers give emotional and intellectual support.

Household Duties

  • Housekeeping – duties include tidying up, cleaning, vacuuming and dusting.
  • Laundry – washing, drying and ironing clothes.
  • Shopping – ensuring that dietary needs are met.
  • Preparing and cooking meals – ensuring adequate hydration and nutrition
  • Pet care –your carer will support with walks and feeding.
  • Running errands – such as collecting prescriptions.

Enabling Independence

  • Support getting out and about – this could be a GP visit, shopping, or visits to places of interest.
  • Work or university – with your P.A. or personal assistant.
  • Assisted holidays – anything from a weekend away to a visit to relatives abroad.

Live in Care at Home understand the importance of staying in the comfort of your own home. The presence of your family your friends and your community network has a positive impact on your health and well-being. It is best to continue to live in familiar surroundings, especially if memory is starting to fail.  One-to-one companionship is essential to slow down the onset of dementia conditions.

Through our live-in care service, our customers are able to maintain control over of their homes as well as their personal belongings.

They are often prevented from doing this if they are moved into a residential or nursing care home.  Although there are many excellent care homes the vulnerable person will have to adapt to unfamiliar surroundings and have to fit in with the routines of the establishment.

Because we specialise as a live in care provider we have a personalised approach to every customer. We are the experts in 24 hour care provision.  We specialise in Palliative Care, Dementia Care and Complex Care.

Acting in accordance with guidelines established by the Care Quality Commission - an independent regulatory body within the health and social care sector - the primary goal of our live-in care provider service is to ensure people get to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

If you are looking for a carefully vetted, well-qualified and trained Carer, please fill the Care Seeker Form.

Why choose us as a Live in Carer Provider?


For over 15 years the directors have been providing Live in Care. They are passionate about their service.

Quick response

We can organise a Live in Carer to be with you within 24 hours.


We encourage long-term relationships between carers and clients.

Live-in Care assessment

This is provided free and without obligation.

Live-in Care planning

Totally personalised to match your needs.

Emergency cover

We will be there for you when your carer is unwell or on holiday.

Empathic matching

We will provide you with the right Carer who shares your interests and health needs.

Specialised live in care training provider

We are a leading care training provider that meets the latest Skills for Care standards, including the new Care Certificate induction programme.

Knowledge base

Carers and Clients are provided with relevant care information.

Friendly office

Our attentive and courteous Live in Care Administration Team are experts in health and social care.

Best carers

We only select the best of the self-employed carers who apply to register.

Dementia Care, End of Life and Palliative Care, Complex and Neurological Care

We support people with many types of Health Conditions.

Live in Care at Home Mission

We aim to be the home care service provider of choice within the health and social care sectors, delivering the highest quality of service to clients and candidates. To achieve this, we are committed to maintaining a high quality of staff training, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

We will deliver a responsive, flexible and professional live in care solution to our clients whilst consistently providing our candidates with enhanced long-term career opportunities.

Live in Care at Home Values

Responsive – We respond to all of our enquiries promptly, accurately and efficiently.

Integrity – As a high quality Live in Care Introduction Agency we embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and honesty at all times.

Flexibility – We always listen and adapt, allowing us to respond effectively to changes within our industry.

Respect – We treat everyone with respect, civility and fairness.

Live in Care at Home Commitments

Innovation – We embrace innovation as it enable us to consistently improve our live in care services. We ensure all our systems, policies and procedures are continuously updated to reflect current legislation.

Professionalism – We always strive to provide a win/win solution.

Live in Care Provider Experience – We are experts in our field and provide good industry knowledge.

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